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This is not a get-rich-quick scheme! It is a way to increase your visitor count without giving 96% of your marketing power away. It places the full power of Internet networking in your hands. When only five of your visitors have convinced five of their visitors to complete the Five-by Five matrix, you will have received 80,000 unique visitors FREE!

Better than banner exchanging, reciprocal linking or network marketing because it incorporates all three.

Is it legal? Yes! There is no money being charged for it. It's free!

Paste your banner to the bottom of this list and POST to your web site. Then provide a hotlink to it from one or more of your pages.


The number one rule is KISS

Keep it simple! No advertising except adding your LINKED banner to this list. NO PORNO.

Play by these rules and we will all benefit.

1. Open your browser to 'Edit/Source' and copy this entire page.

2. Paste to your HTML application software and place your graphic at the bottom of the list. Use an imagemapper to hotlink to it. No JavaScript banners please.

3. When there are at least five banners listed on this page, delete the top banner, always placing the new banner (yours) at the bottom.

4. Place a link from one or all of your website pages or newsletter to this page and upload. If you need a button for your website, please feel free to borrow ours. It's at the top of this page.